Load Development

We are able to offer a load development service which will enable the shooter to get the best out of his rifle. We will endeavour to find the most accurate load in your rifle with a bullet that is suitable for the intended purpose.

Rifle is first thoroughly cleaned and checked or any faults or defects and one of our own test scopes is then mounted to the rifle for the purposes of testing.

All cases are then very carefully prepared and loads tested using both chronograph and internal ballistic programs.

Once an accurate load is found the rifle must repeat the required accuracy for three test groups until the final accuracy level is found. This accuracy level is the average of those three targets.

The rifle will then be returned to you with all load data, drop charts for five different zeroes on laminated field cards, in a presentation file along with the three test targets.

In addition we will also provide twenty rounds of ammunition loaded to your rifles specs.

All data is kept on our files, so if at any time in the future you require loaded rounds, then this is a further service we are able to provide.

(Please note we require three, three shot targets that have been shot with the rifle at 100 yards and 20 once fired cases from one manufacturer for that rifle. Mixed cases will not be accepted as this can affect accuracy)

Also note that due to the inclement British weather and work load delivery times may be delayed so we ask that customers allow time for testing and load development.

Cost for full load development excluding components used £335.00 plus vat

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