About Mike Norris - Brock and Norris CEO

Having been involved in all manner of rifle shooting sports from a very early age we were aware of a glaring gap in the market for accurate rifles and componentry. The performance that we required was just not readily available at the time. The decision was made to build the rifles we needed to the standard we demanded. Having spent time at Helston gunsmiths in his home county of Cornwall where Mike received invaluable knowledge and training in a wide variety of skills and after a further period with the Rifle Store. Mike decided to start Brock and Norris with the ambition to make the most accurate rifle systems possible. Utilising his own hard won skills and seeking knowledge from the very best in the business it is; and always will be; a constant and ever upward learning curve. Nothing however that is worth doing to the highest levels is easy.

Mike is CEO of Brock and Norris, a company that he started with a meagre £300 budget and a burning ambition. The ethics of hard work and dedication have seen the company grow to the point that is unrecognisable from its humble beginnings. Never one to stand idle Mike has spent time building the companies infrastructure and reputation until it now stands as one of the United Kingdoms most respected and well known builders of accurate rifles. Always willing to learn from his peers Mike has sought out and learned from some of the very finest Rifle smiths in the world and often says that when they were generous to give me the benefit of their knowledge, I was sensible enough to listen and take notes!

A prolific reloader Mike's knowledge on various cartridges is encyclopaedic and he is always willing to impart his findings with any party in need of assistance.

Be it developing loads for stalking, varminting, target or big game rifles he is able to draw on 30 years' experience at the loading bench.

Mike was also the rifle instructor with the Holywell deer centre Training facility for five years and took great pleasure in having the opportunity to pass on his skills and techniques to the many students that attended.

When not building rifles Mike does get to use them, with his absolute favourite destination being Africa in pursuit of plains game regularly taking the rifles we build to the very limits of their potential, and testing new models and prototypes to ensure that they meet the standards that we demand.

A self-confessed ball breaking perfectionist Mike often quotes Henry Royce of Rolls Royce.

"Any task no matter how humble it may be, if done to the finest standards one can achieve, by that very act it becomes noble"

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