Barrel Work - From Re-barreling to Screw Cutting!

Re-Barreling - We offer a fully bespoke rebarreling service for customers who wish to change caliber, replace brunt out barrels or have a bespoke requirement, we can turn your wornout factory rifle into a sub MOA machine!

Barrel Blanks

Brock and Norris hand select the barrel blanks from some of the most well respected manufactures in the industry. Both select match stainless and match-grade Chrome-moly barrels can be fitted. All work is completed in house except barrel fluting, this is carried out during the manufacturing stage to ensure that the barrels can be fully stress relieved after fluting.

We at Brock and Norris have a close working relationship with two of Europe's barrel makers, Border Barrels and Loather Walther who over the years has supplied us with some of the most accurate barrels on the market.

In addition we are also able to supply barrels from Shilen Lilja, Bartlein, Krieger and Hart.

A good selection of barrel lengths are available from 16" to 32", barrel lengths over 28" carry a surcharge of £15 per inch.

We are able to provide twist rates from 1 : 6.5 through to 1 : 18 dependant on the bullet weight and intended purpose of the rifle.

At Brock and Norris we carry a good selection of popular barrel blanks on the shelf to enable us to provide a quick and efficient turnaround time.


Match grade barrels require action to perfect alignment to ensure maximum performance from that rifle, both considerable time and effort are out into the set up to ensure that the barrel and receiver and in as near perfect alignment and fitting. Throughout the initial fitting process the machines and gauges are checked repeatedly to keep the tightest of tolerances.


We at Brock & Norris continually strive for perfection in all the work we do so it was only fair that we choose the best reamers on the market. The decision to build the best meant that we should source the best, and to that end many years ago Manson Precision Reamers were chosen to supply us.

We're able to chamber barrels in the following calibres:-

  • .17 Akley Hornet
  • .17 Remington Fireball
  • .17 Remington
  • 20 Tactical
  • 204 Ruger
  • 20 Br (Remington) - Will not chamber Lapua cases.
  • 20 Br Lapua
  • 222 Remington
  • 223 Remington
  • 223 Remington Akley 40'
  • 22-250
  • 22-250 Akley 40'
  • 22 Br Lapua
  • 220 Swift
  • 223 WSSM
  • 6mm Br Lapua 70 thou throat
  • 6mm Br Lapua 90 thou throat
  • 6mm Br Lapua 105 thou throat
  • 6mm PPC USA
  • 6mm PPC .270 nk
  • 6x47 Lapua
  • 6x47 swiss match 70 thou throat
  • 6x47 swiss match 100 thou throat
  • 6x284 winchester
  • 243 winchester
  • 243 Akley Improved 40'
  • 25-06 Remington
  • 257 Weatherby match (no free bore 80 thou throat
  • 6.5x47 Lapua 100 thou throat
  • 6.5.47 Lapua 160 thou throat
  • 260 Remington
  • 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser
  • 270 winchester
  • 270 WSM Match
  • 7mm 08 Remington
  • 7mm08 .317 nk
  • 7x57 Mauser
  • 7x57 Akley Improved 40'
  • 280/30 British
  • 7mm Rem Mag
  • 7mm STW
  • 280 Akley Improved 40' / 7mm Ultra Mag
  • 30 Br Lapua no throat
  • 30 Br Lapua Robinett spec 20 thou throat
  • 308 winchester
  • 308 Tactical (88 thou free bore)
  • 308 337 nk thoat
  • 30-06 Springfield
  • 30-06 Akley Improved 40'
  • 300 short action ultra mag
  • 300 HH Magnum
  • 300 WSM
  • 338 Win Mag
  • 338 Lapua Mag
  • 375 Holland & Holland

Should you wish to have a rifle chambered in a calibre that is not mentioned above, please call us to discuss your requirements.

Barrel Work

  • Screw cutting of barrels for sound moderators/ muzzle brakes £95.00 (including VAT)

  • Custom made end cap for barrels in stainless steel £19.50 (including VAT)

  • Custom made muzzle brakes in stainless steel. Line bored and crowned as per

  • Muzzle of your rifle, various styles available. £155.00 (including VAT)

  • Recrowning of barrels £45.00 (including VAT)

  • Shorten and recrown barrels £95.00 (including VAT)

  • Rebarrel with select stainless steel match grade barrel. Including proof, polished finish/ screw cut for moderator, muzzle brake and invisible end cap fitted. ) Some contours may carry a surcharge. Barrels available in most twist rates and calibres.

  • £755.00 (including VAT) lathe polished finish ( for finish options see below li>

  • Satin bead blast barrel ( stainless steel) £65.00 (including VAT)

  • Satin blacking for chrome moly barrels £145.00 (including VAT)

  • High polish blacking for chrome moly barrels £145.00 (including VAT)

  • Barrel fluting £125 including V.A.T.

Proof Testing

Proofing of barrels at Birmingham proof house, including preparation for proof and transport to and from the proof house £85.00 (including VAT)

Please note that Brock and Norris will not; under any circumstances: take on any work that we deem unsafe or that contravenes the proof act.


Brock and Norris are able to offer the customer a number of differing finishes dependant on the type of barrel. For the Chrome-moly barrels we are able to offer a traditional English hand polished blued finish. Stainless barrels can be finished in a high polished metal finish or a hunters grey, bead blasted matte finish.

Accuracy Guarantees

All fitted barrels to custom rifles are guaranteed to shoot half inch or less, with the correct hand loaded ammunition. if they don't the rifle will not leave the workshop. With the precision systems we use the accuracy of are rifles is often of an extremely high standard and most of the rifles we build shoot to 1/2 inch consistently under normal field conditions. It is worth noting however that the staff a Brock & Norris shoot on daily basis to a very high level.

Please Note

We will not rechamber factory barrels. Give accuracy guaranties for barrels not supplied by ourselves or carry out accuracy work on old military actions.

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